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Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about
Up-cycling is similar to recycling except you can change the function of the product. For example using an old Milo tin you can decorate it and turn it into a pencil holder. This saves the resources used to make this product from landfill and the normal recycling process.

Whole School Literacy Focus

Here you will find lyric sheets, melody lines and backing tracks for each of the songs used in Peter Pan.

Enjoy singing them individually and with your friends in preparation for the big show!

Quiet Week is a week without formal homework. In its place are challenges, brainteasers, and competitions.

This term, we are offering

A short writing competition on a specific Habit of Mind. There will be a prizes for one boy and one girl from every grade. I thank Scholastic for their support.

There will also be a maths puzzle challenge. The correct answers will be assigned a Green Card for the effort.

There will be a project focusing on a multimedia presentation, featuring a specific value we hold true at CCGS. The successful students will have their media presented at a forthcoming assembly.

And there will be an online Spelling competition – for each age range. Anyone gaining a perfect score will be awarded a Principal’s Award (a gold sticker).

This is a course for guiding children on how to use computers responsibly.

This course contains resources for students and staff of the Junior School to use to assist with the implementation of the Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 outcomes for Mathematics.

What are your goals for this term?